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Basic Internet

Download Up to 300 Mbps*
Upload Up to 300 Mbps*
Unlimited Data Starting at: $75.00/month

Basic Internet + VoIP Phone

Download Up to 300 Mbps*
Upload Up to 300 Mbps*
Unlimited Data Starting at: $105.00/month
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Faster Internet

Download Up to 1 Gig*
Upload Up to 1 Gig*
Unlimited Data Starting at: $95.00/month

Faster Internet + VoIP Phone

Download Up to 1 Gig*
Upload Up to 1 Gig*
Unlimited Data Starting at: $125.00/month
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Blazing Fast Internet

Download Up to 5 Gig*
Upload Up to 5 Gig*
Unlimited Data Starting at: $130.00/month

Blazing Fast Internet + VoIP Phone

Download Up to 5 Gig*
Upload Up to 5 Gig*
Unlimited Data Starting at: $160.00/month
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Download Speed: This is our recommendation for choosing a download speed.

300Mbps – 1 to 3 people in the home, 4 to 8 devices, streaming 2 to 3 devices, email, 1 person online learning and 2 people working at home.
1Gig – 4 to 6 people in the home, 7 to 12 devices, streaming 3 to 5 devices, email, 2 people online learning downloading large files and 3 people working at home.
5Gig – 5 to 8 people in the home, 10 to 30 devices, streaming 7 to 10 devices, email, 4 people online learning downloading very large files and 5 people working at home.

Upload Speed is symmetrical which will match your chosen download speed.

No Data Caps • No Hidden Fees • Price Never Goes Up**

Mbps = Megabits per second
Gig = 1000 Mbps

Providing High-Speed Internet Access to Big Lake and Becker, Minnesota and surrounding communities.

*Download and upload speeds are for speeds up to the advertised offering. Not all plans are available in all locations.

**Your monthly subscription rate will never go up for as long as you are at the original address of service and you have constant active service.

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Don’t fall for the Gimmicks!

Falling for Gimmicks or smoke and mirrors happens to all of us such as “promo rates” and the type of line coming into your home, for example fiber to the home not cable or copper. Big companies and advertisers hope you do fall for their smoke and mirrors. You should spend some time looking at what they are actually installing to your home, fiber or coax cable. If a company is claiming that they are bringing fiber to your home, you will want to look into the advertising more closely to make sure that you are actually getting fiber not coax cable. Some companies claim they have fiber to the home but they actually have a fiber line near your area that will feed the connection to the entrance of your neighborhood and then switch over to coax cable to feed throughout the neighborhood and then to the home. This article is written to help you make a more informed decision with regards to which company and which type of internet delivery system you should choose.

The internet inner workings is a very confusing and a complicated system if it is not something you have been trained on or work in the industry, well, we would like to help you with that. Instead of having us write facts about how the internet works and why you should choose our fiber network, we decided to pull articles from a couple reputable websites online where you can verify that it is not us trying to just get you as our customer but show you the truths and options from an independent third party source. We already know the best option is Fiber Internet but we wanted you to hear it from people/organizations that publish unbiased research and reviews do their own research.

This first article comes from a highly used website to locate internet options in your area. We pulled out some important parts but you will be able to read the entire article located here:

DSL vs Cable Vs Fiber Overview

Fiber internet connections deliver faster download and upload speeds than DSL and cable, usually 250–1000 Mbps. Cable and DSL deliver download speeds in the 25–500 Mbps range. However, cable and DSL upload speeds are normally much lower, in the 5–30 Mbps range. Fiber may be priced a bit higher, but the service is more reliable. The primary difference between cable and DSL is that cable uses newer “coaxial” lines, which can carry more bandwidth. DSL uses older telephone lines. DSL speeds usually cap out around 25–100 Mbps, which is about half the normal speed range for cable internet.

Cable vs Fiber

Fiber is a common upgrade choice from DSL, particularly in larger cities. Fiber is the best choice for most customers, as it provides high-bandwidth connections up to 1,000 Mbps download and upload speed. The difference between cable and fiber is that cable is sent over copper TV lines, while fiber is made of glass and designed specifically for internet service.

  • Landline telephone lines (DSL). DSL utilizes your telephone lines, but it doesn’t interrupt your phone use. It’s a step above dial-up internet, but it’s still the slowest of all other modern options. DSL vs. cable internet isn’t much of a competition. Examples of DSL plans include 20 Mbps internet-only plan.
  • Cable TV lines (cable). Cable internet reaches your home through the same coaxial cables that your TV service likely uses. It also offers an improved connection speed over most other internet options. One major perk is that it is widely available — unlike fiber internet. Examples of Cable plans include 100 Mbps internet-only plan.
  • Fiber-optic lines (fiber). Fiber optic cables are a truly impressive development for data transfer. Fiber internet utilizes these optic lines that are made of many small fibers of glass. With this method, data is actually sent at the speed of light, since it is not electricity that is being sent through the lines, but light. Unfortunately, fiber internet isn’t readily available. Examples of fiber plans include gigabit internet service.

Continue reading here:

Here’s one more site for your review:

Fiber-optic internet service delivers the fastest and most reliable internet connection, with download speeds and upload speeds that can reach up to 1 gigabit per second. That’s orders of magnitude faster than the typical cable or DSL connection. Unfortunately, unless you live in a major metropolitan area in the US, a fiber-optic network is probably not a viable option for you in the near term. About 25% of the US population currently has access to it.
If you do live in a place with support for fiber internet, you’re in luck. Fiber-optic broadband offers everything you want in an internet connection: symmetrical speed — which means equivalent performance whether you’re downloading or uploading; reliability; robust signal strength; and super-low latency. And though the main fiber line may be split among homes or businesses, customers are unlikely to experience the kind of speed drags common to other types of shared connections during peak hours of use. Whether you’re streaming video, uploading large files to the cloud or playing the newest online games, a fiber connection will deliver speedy, consistent performance with nearly imperceptible lag. Continue reading here:

There are numerous other sites you can review but the common denominator is Fiber Internet is by far the best option. So take it from us, use the best option in your area now but when we bring our Fiber Internet into your area, do what the rest of the professionals do and get connected to our Fiber Internet.

Why is Fiber important to the value of my home?

Fiber internet can do a lot for you and your family. You may already know that it enables you to do more in less time, but did you know that it can also add value to your home?

We all know the basic factors that contribute to a home’s value. Like size and layout, the location, and its age and condition. But did you know that your internet connection is also an important factor? Many buyers consider a home’s internet options and will pay more for a home with fiber internet. Some even argue that fiber connectivity is even more important to buyers than location.

In a recent study, researchers at the University of Colorado and Carnegie Mellon University studied about half a million home sales from 2011 to 2013. They investigated the relationship between broadband connections, such as fiber, and house prices. They found that access to fiber internet added 3.1% to the value of a home. The median home value used in the study was $175,000. The 3.1% increase would be an additional $5,437 to the median value. That is equal to adding a full fireplace or a half bathroom.

A more recent study was conducted in 2014 by the Fiber To The Home (FTTH) Council. They found that there was a higher per capita GDP (gross domestic product) in communities where gigabit internet was available. They also found that homes sold for 7% more if they had access to 1 gigabit broadband. If you like, you can read more about the two studies here.

Fiber internet doesn’t just benefit your home, it’s great for communities too. Areas that have access to fiber are more attractive to businesses, especially tech companies where high-speed internet is a must. More businesses = more jobs, which leads to a better economy. A community like this will be attractive to house hunters.

What happens to the contract if we move?2022-08-11T16:21:38-05:00

You are not obligated to continue paying on the contract unless you have signed up with a promotional package. We would love for you to pass our information along to the next owner!

FIBER Get Signed Up2022-08-11T16:28:52-05:00

To get signed up for fiber you need to go to our website at At the top of the screen click on “Availability” or on any green buttons labeled “Check Availability”. The first page you come to will allow you to choose your speed and whether you want a contract or not. You will then be sent to a page to enter your name and address. If you chose a contract you will then sign the contract and then be automatically sent to the “Right-of-Access” contract. This agreement will give us permission from you, the homeowner, to install our fiber from the street to your home. The final page must be completed to get you into our billing system. Once completed correctly you should get a confirmation email.

Could this also replace our phone lines?2021-03-28T18:57:43-05:00

Yes, we are not a telephone company like your current local provider but we have the ability to provide a VoIP phone service using your internet connection however, we will not be able to use your existing number you currently have. We can provide you with a new number for your area though.

Is it fiber to the house or to the curb?2021-03-28T18:57:11-05:00

We will be bringing Fiber to a box mounted on the outside of your house and then running Fiber from the box right to your provided router.

Can we purchase our own router or are we required to use yours?2021-03-28T18:56:50-05:00

We install and provide one of our routers, however, our router will have open Ethernet ports which will allow you to connect other devices such as additional router, desktop computers or TV’s.

What equipment would we have to purchase or rent?2021-03-28T18:56:34-05:00

None. SkyNet will provide you with a wireless router when we install your service which will provide you with a Wi-Fi environment in your home. There are no rental fees or charges for these routers!

Is there an installation fee on top of the monthly pricing?2022-08-11T16:18:58-05:00

No! Installation is entirely FREE! We do have an install fee if you live in Carefree Country Club.

Are speeds throttled if using too much data?2021-03-28T18:55:30-05:00

No! You will never be “throttled” for any reason.

Is there a monthly data cap?2021-03-28T18:55:16-05:00

No! There are no limits to how much data you want to use.

What are the speeds (up and down)?2021-03-28T18:55:00-05:00

Currently, we are offering 20 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 300 Mbps and 1 Gig down and 1 Mbps, 10 Mbps and symmetrical up.

FIBER Is there a minimum contract length?2021-08-01T19:57:55-05:00

No. But we do offer 1, 2 and 3 year contracts for lower prices. You save when you sign up for a contract.

Can I get a static IP address?2021-08-01T19:58:44-05:00

We do have the ability to get you a static IP or also known as Public IP addresses with an additional charge.

FIBER Latency2021-03-28T18:52:37-05:00

Fiber has the lowest latency in the world. You can expect less then 20 milliseconds.

How are we billed for service?2021-03-08T20:41:25-06:00

Our entire system is automated so all you have to do is insert a credit card onto your online account and you are all set! Our system will charge your card once a month and send out warning emails if your card is going to expire or the transaction was not able to process.

Do you charge any hidden fees?2021-03-08T20:39:19-06:00

No! We don’t charge tax or any kind of hidden fees. The rate you are told is the rate you pay and nothing more!

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