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High Speed Internet to Homes and Businesses in Big Lake and Elk River…Providing VoIP Phone Service Nationwide.

SkyNet Broadband Inc.

High-Speed Internet – Serving Homes and Businesses in Big Lake, Elk River, Becker, Zimmerman, Monticello, Clear Water and Otsego. We are a “Fixed Wireless” High Speed Internet provider able to bring you extremely fast and reliable service wirelessly to your home or business. SkyNet’s internet service is wirelessly sent via a secure, 3.65 GHz, government protected radio signal, and 5GHz from various local towers to an antenna at your location. Our wireless service is a perfect solution for those areas with limited to no options for high-speed internet.

VoIP Phone Service – Serving Homes and Businesses Nationwide

SkyNet offers telephone service via VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which allows you to make and receive telephone calls via your internet.

An Example of a Fixed Wireless Network.