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We are a High-Speed Internet provider that’s able to bring you extremely fast and reliable service to your home or business.

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SkyNet offers telephone service via VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which allows you to make and receive telephone calls via your internet.

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Fiber is a common upgrade choice from Cable and DSL, particularly because of reliability, higher speed and for you gamers, the lowest latency. Fiber is always the best choice for customers, as it provides high-bandwidth connections up to 5 Gig download and upload speed. The difference between cable and fiber is cable was modified to send the internet to homes because the infrastructure was already in place and they could utilize this network to quickly provide internet to homes fast. Since this was a quick and efficient method to spread the internet to the masses it worked well however as the internet grows in size cable and DSL are quickly becoming outdated. Fiber Optic Internet is made of glass and designed specifically for delivering data in the fastest way possible because it uses light, nothing travels faster than light!
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