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High Speed Internet to Homes and Businesses in Big Lake and Elk River…Providing VoIP Phone Service Nationwide.

SkyNet Broadband Inc.

High-Speed Internet – Serving Homes and Businesses in Big Lake and Elk River, Minnesota.

SkyNet Broadband, Inc. is providing High Speed Internet Service to Big Lake and Elk River, MN and the surrounding communities. Our services are available for both residences and businesses.

SkyNet’s internet service is wirelessly sent via a secure, 3.65 Ghz, government protected radio signal, from various local towers to an antenna at your location.

Our wireless service is a perfect solution for those areas with limited to no options for high-speed internet.

VoIP Phone Service – Serving Homes and Businesses Nationwide

SkyNet offers telephone service via VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which allows you to make and receive telephone calls via your internet.