Tablet Use Agreement

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The tablet has been provided to you to assist you in your job responsibilities. It is to be used for professional purposes. Employees/subcontractors are expected to exercise the same care and respect for the security and upkeep of the tablet and accessories as if it were the employee’s personal property. The following guidelines are general in nature as not every possible scenario can be thoroughly described or known.

  1. I agree to accept the full responsibility for the tablet and other accessories loaned to me. I understand that I may be liable for any and all costs associated with replacing or recovering the tablet or accessories that may arise
    from my use of the tablet. Additionally, I acknowledge that I may be responsible for any and all cost associated with reimbursing SkyNet Broadband for the cost of repairing or replacing the tablet or accessories if lost, stolen, or damaged while in my possession.
  2. I understand and acknowledge that I will use the tablet and accessories for work-related purposes only.
  3. I agree not to tamper with the hardware or software of the tablet and accessories or allow others to do so.
  4. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to deliver the tablet and accessories to administration for updates and/or checks upon notification by administration immediately.
  5. In the event that my employment or contract at SkyNet Broadband ends, I understand that I must return the tablet and all accessories in working condition to the administration promptly before my departure or pay a replacement cost of $450.00.
  6. SkyNet Broadband reserves the right to require the return of the tablet from any employee or contractor at any time without notice. If return of the tablet is requested, employees or contractors have 24 hours to comply with the request.
  7. I understand that I will be in default of this agreement if I: (1) fail to care for and maintain the condition of the tablet and/or accessories; (2) misuse or abuse the tablet and/or accessories; (3) loan the tablet and/or accessories to any unauthorized persons; (4) violate any of the terms or conditions of the agreement. Such default may result in your liability for the replacement cost of the tablet and/or accessories.
  8. You are responsible for keeping the device secure and in working condition. Take every precaution to prevent damage.
  9. If you misplace, lose, or damage the tablet, intentionally or not, while it is in your possession you must report it to administration immediately.
  10. I agree to adhere to the guidelines for the proper care of the tablet and accessories listed below.

Guidelines for Proper Care of the tablet

  1. The tablet is not to be loaned to anyone.
  2. Proper care must be given to the tablet at all times, included but not limited to the following:
    • Handle and store all tablet accessories properly.
    • Keep food and drink away from the tablet.
    • Do not leave the tablet out in extreme heat or cold.
    • Use the appropriate accessories for the tablet.
  3. Proper security is to be provided for the tablet at all times, including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Secure the tablet in a safe place at the end of your shift.
    • Do not leave the tablet in the reach of the children or in any location where it may be susceptible to damage or theft.

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