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Fiber Optic Internet Service Extension Installation

DATE: 5/9/2022
Estimate#: 100105092022
Zac Johnson
10706 177th Ave
Becker MN 55308
Phone: (612) 369-1109

This estimate is for the following work to be completed at 10706 185th Ave, Becker MN 55308

1.    Install a fiber line from the west side of the shed to the north side of the new home using 1 1/4" conduit

        and a tonable fiber line (approximately 475’) 

2.    Install a HEXs inside the shed connecting it to the already installed HEXs in the shed 

3.    Install a 24-port POE out switch inside the home, connecting the fiber line into the switch from the HEXs

        in the shed

4.    Install a wall mounted server rack to house the 24-port switch

5.    Terminate all CAT cable ends inside the network room and throughout all locations in the home

6.    Install four access points

DROPLINE CONDUIT MATERIALS AND LABOR 400          2.65 $1,060.00
DROPLINE FIBER MATERIALS AND LABOR 475          0.50 $237.50
ROUTER HEXs 2SFP PORTS 1 70.00 $70.00
SWITCH 24 PORT SWITCH 1      500.00 $500.00
SERVER RACK 4U SERVER RACK 1        30.00 $30.00
LASER 1390/1410 | 1410/1390 LASER 1        35.00 $35.00
ACCESS POINT UNIFI AC PRO 4      175.00 $700.00
LABOR LABOR 1      200.00 $200.00
          SUBTOTAL $3,072.50
          TAX N/A
          TOTAL $3,072.50

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Subscriber (printed name): and Provider: SkyNet Broadband, Inc.


By signing this agreement/estimate you are agreeing to described work/cost and allowing access to the property to perform said work of the fiber optic internet extension installation.   

Payment for this work is due upon internet activation via check payable to SkyNet Broadband Inc.

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