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April 18, 2023 – 3:00pm – ATTENTION MAS CUSTOMER SERVICE 

MAS – as of 3:00pm on 4/18/23 – – The recent service issue which began on 4/12/23 was located in the Minnesota Technology Center – 511 Building in downtown Minneapolis.  A faulty piece of equipment was replaced and over the next few days of monitoring another piece of equipment was identified as needing to be replaced and was ordered.

The new piece of equipment was received late Monday 4/17/23 and faulty equipment replaced.

This issue was out of the SkyNet network and out of our control, however at this time it is believed all issues have been resolved.

Fiber Optic Internet Questions

What happens to the contract if we move?2022-08-11T16:21:38-05:00

You are not obligated to continue paying on the contract unless you have signed up with a promotional package. We would love for you to pass our information along to the next owner!

FIBER Get Signed Up2022-08-11T16:28:52-05:00

To get signed up for fiber you need to go to our website at At the top of the screen click on “Availability” or on any green buttons labeled “Check Availability”. The first page you come to will allow you to choose your speed and whether you want a contract or not. You will then be sent to a page to enter your name and address. If you chose a contract you will then sign the contract and then be automatically sent to the “Right-of-Access” contract. This agreement will give us permission from you, the homeowner, to install our fiber from the street to your home. The final page must be completed to get you into our billing system. Once completed correctly you should get a confirmation email.

Could this also replace our phone lines?2021-03-28T18:57:43-05:00

Yes, we are not a telephone company like your current local provider but we have the ability to provide a VoIP phone service using your internet connection however, we will not be able to use your existing number you currently have. We can provide you with a new number for your area though.

Is it fiber to the house or to the curb?2021-03-28T18:57:11-05:00

We will be bringing Fiber to a box mounted on the outside of your house and then running Fiber from the box right to your provided router.

Can we purchase our own router or are we required to use yours?2021-03-28T18:56:50-05:00

We install and provide one of our routers, however, our router will have open Ethernet ports which will allow you to connect other devices such as additional router, desktop computers or TV’s.

What equipment would we have to purchase or rent?2021-03-28T18:56:34-05:00

None. SkyNet will provide you with a wireless router when we install your service which will provide you with a Wi-Fi environment in your home. There are no rental fees or charges for these routers!

Is there an installation fee on top of the monthly pricing?2022-08-11T16:18:58-05:00

No! Installation is entirely FREE! We do have an install fee if you live in Carefree Country Club.

Are speeds throttled if using too much data?2021-03-28T18:55:30-05:00

No! You will never be “throttled” for any reason.

Is there a monthly data cap?2021-03-28T18:55:16-05:00

No! There are no limits to how much data you want to use.

What are the speeds (up and down)?2021-03-28T18:55:00-05:00

Currently, we are offering 20 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 300 Mbps and 1 Gig down and 1 Mbps, 10 Mbps and symmetrical up.

FIBER Is there a minimum contract length?2021-08-01T19:57:55-05:00

No. But we do offer 1, 2 and 3 year contracts for lower prices. You save when you sign up for a contract.

Can I get a static IP address?2021-08-01T19:58:44-05:00

We do have the ability to get you a static IP or also known as Public IP addresses with an additional charge.

FIBER Latency2021-03-28T18:52:37-05:00

Fiber has the lowest latency in the world. You can expect less then 20 milliseconds.

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