LTE Technology

Do you live in an area without any internet options or just want to have higher download speeds?

Well, now you can! With this new LTE Technology you can have high speed internet where ever there is cellular coverage. This system will connect to cellular towers that are miles away providing download speeds of up to 80 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload. Even if your cell phone doesn’t show any bars this system will focus the frequency and provide all the speed you need to stream movies, check your email, send and receive videos and pictures and even work from home. With this cutting edge system we don’t need “line of sight” to the tower! We can go through almost any amount of tree coverage and still get you service!

We have 2 options we can use to get you connected. Our first option is using a ZTE MF279. These modems are designed by At&t and are meant to be used inside the home or business. They are Wi-Fi ready and connect up to 20 devices. They have one Ethernet port on them so you could connect another router to have additional Ethernet ports or allow for more devices to be connected. This modem’s Wi-Fi should cover most home’s, so there’s no need additional equipment!

Our second option we could use would be our SXT LTE. This system would be mounted on the outside of your home and aimed at a cell tower. We will mount the SXT LTE on your roof or an outside wall, run a Cat5 cable into your home and get you connected in under 2 hours! All you need to do is tell us where you want the cable to come into your home. You will need to have a wireless router, preferable 2 years old or newer that is not provisioned to another company. We can provide you with one of our routers for an additional $50.00 and program it for an optimal experience. This option is only used when the first option is struggling to get a good signal. In most cases option one, the ZTE Modem, works just fine but we always have solutions.

Pricing and Specification’s

Max download speed: 80 Mbits (speed determined by signal strength)
Max upload speed: 10 Mbits (speed determined by signal strength)
Latency: 25 to 35 milliseconds (1000 milliseconds for each second, very low latency!)
Data cap: 850 Gigs
Install fee: $99.99
Monthly service charge: $125.00 (This is a flat rate, no tax or hidden fees and your bill will never go up as long as you have our service)
Router (if needed): $50.00
30 day money back guarantee: If you don’t like the service we will refund every penny in the first 30 days.
No contracts!

To get signed up and start experiencing internet how it should be, click on the green button that applies to you!

Which option are you?

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Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not happy for any reason in the first 30 days, we will uninstall the wireless equipment and refund 100% of your money, including the install fee.
Your monthly rate will never go up and you will not see any additional tax or hidden fees on your monthly bill.