Fixed Wireless Internet

What is Fixed Wireless Internet and how does it work?

The further you live from a town or city, the more limited your home internet choices can become. You’ll probably have to spend a bit extra as well, even if your speeds aren’t as good. One of your options, fixed wireless internet, does things slightly different from DSL or fiber. It uses a base station to transmit the internet over radio waves instead of a cable. Here’s everything you need to know.

When you opt for fixed wireless internet, we will install a receiver on your house. It will communicate with the nearest wireless base station and offer you access to the web via a cat5 cable carrying the broadband signal from the receiver to the router in your house.

Fixed wireless internet is a great choice in rural areas where setting up the infrastructure for broadband services like DSL is prohibitively expensive. Transporting and burying cables in the ground and getting the necessary permits can be costly. So, it doesn’t always make financial sense to go down the road in less populated areas, where we can’t get enough subscribers on board to justify the total costs.

Pros and cons of fixed wireless internet

As with everything in life, fixed wireless internet has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s talk about the benefits first.

  • It’s easier to set up the equipment needed for fixed wireless internet than for other broadband services because it doesn’t require physical cables or much hassle.
  • Unlike traditional cellular services, fixed wireless internet has no caps at all. Additionally, the technology offers high download speeds that are just as fast, if not quicker, than some of those you get from other “broadband” services.
  • You won’t need a phone line to use our fixed wireless internet.

Of course, there are also some downsides:

  • You also need a clear line of sight between the receiver on your house and our tower. Obstructions such as trees and hills can affect the quality of the service and even rule it out as an option.
  • Speeds offered are up to 30Mbps, however are dependent on each individual location and may not be able to provide speeds higher than 20Mbps down and 5Mbps up, however, our customers using this system have been very satisfied.

Up to 30Mbps Download x 5Mbps Upload Internet Service

Package Pricing: Monthly – $75.00


Unlimited internet Access
Fixed price for as long as you are at this location!
No Tax!
No Data Caps!
No Contracts!
No Hidden Fees!
Use your own Wi-Fi router or purchase one from us for $229.99

Fixed Wireless – 30-day Money Back Guarantee if not 100% satisfied with service

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