This AGREEMENT is a signed acknowledgment of SkyNet Broadband, Inc. NEW LTE Program’s Terms and Conditions, which is required prior to subscribing to and activation of the NEW LTE service

SkyNet Broadband, Inc. NEW LTE Program Terms and Conditions:

  1. SkyNet Broadband, Inc., as a reseller, does NOT have control of download or upload speeds from the AT&T Network.
    1. Actual network speeds depend upon device characteristics, network, network availability and coverage levels, tasks, file characteristics, applications and other factors. Performance may be impacted by transmission limitations, terrain, in-building use and capacity constraints.
  2. SkyNet Broadband, Inc., as a reseller, does NOT have any knowledge of maintenance in the AT&T Network which could cause downtime.
  3. SkyNet Broadband, Inc., as a reseller, does NOT have knowledge of outages of any towers in the AT&T network which could cause downtime.
    1. Unless prohibited by law, the following limitations of liability apply. Service may be interrupted, delayed, or otherwise limited for a variety of reasons, including environmental conditions, unavailability of radio frequency channels, system capacity, priority access by National Security and Emergency Preparedness personnel in the event of a disaster or emergency, coordination with other systems, equipment modifications and repairs, and problems with the facilities of interconnecting carriers.
  4. SkyNet Broadband, Inc., as a reseller, does NOT have the ability to view or a way to determine a subscriber’s data usage.
  5. SkyNet Broadband, Inc., as a reseller, does NOT have the ability to provide a subscriber the ability to view or a way to determine data usage.
  6. The AT&T SIM Cards does NOT guarantee availability of a wireless network in your area. Services (including without limitation, eligibility requirements, plans, pricing, features and/or service areas) are subject to change without notice, which may include data cap modifications and/or cancellation of this NEW LTE program without notice.
  7. Internet Services are a ‘pay forward’ service, which requires you pay for services in advance of service being provided.
  8. This service is a month-to-month agreement, which means SkyNet Broadband, Inc. does not provide pro-rated refunds, once the 30 day trial period has passed.
  9. For new service activation, subscriber must access their online account and pay their activation fee and 1st month service charge within 48 hours of service activation or your account will be charged an additional $5 late fee per day.
  10. Your monthly service invoice will be applied to your SkyNet online account on your billing day.  You can access your online account  24/7/365 to view your invoice.
  11. Your SkyNet account is required to have an active credit card on file and be on auto payment for payment of services.
  12. Should your account become past due (2 days after billing date) for any reason, SkyNet Broadband, Inc. reserves the right to charge a 10% late fee per month for each month’s payment, compounded monthly until your account is paid in full.
  13. If I, as a subscriber, or my household using my service, go over the 850GIG data cap, it is entirely up to AT&T if they choose to slow internet speed.  If this circumstance occurs, SkyNet Broadband, Inc. will not provide refunds of any kind.
    1. The AT&T network may reduce your data throughput speeds at any time or place if your data usage exceeds an applicable, identified usage threshold during any billing cycle, without notice.
    2. In extremely high data usage cases AT&T may turn off your SIM card, which would require activating a new card.  In these cases, SkyNet Broadband, Inc. is able to provide a new card, however, you will forfeit any time/payment remaining on your current billing cycle and must reset to a new billing/activation day and a new monthly charge.
  14. Only the specific modem provided by SkyNet Broadband, Inc. is to be used in conjunction with the SIM card provided.
  15. Your Billing begins on the day we activate your Service.
  16. You can cancel service at any time with these stipulations:
    1. Must send written notification via email requesting to cancel your service.  Cancellation request cannot be done via a phone call.
    2. You have 7 days from when SkyNet provides an email with return instructions for SkyNet to receive your SIM card and modem.
      1. Subscribers are required to drop off the SkyNet modem and SIM card at a local UPS shipping location, which will be in the instructions.
    3. Service billing will continue until SkyNet receives the SIM card and modem.
    4. SkyNet Broadband, Inc. does NOT provide pro-rated refunds for service, with the exception of the 30 day Trial Period.
  17. Your use of service constitutes your agreement to abide by our policies and Terms of Use in the link at the end of this paragraph and posted on our website, which may change from time-to-time. It is the Subscriber’s responsibility to regularly familiarize themselves with these Terms of Use. Violation of the Terms of this Agreement by Subscriber may cause suspension or termination of Internet services by SkyNet Broadband Inc. Terms of Use
  18. Former Subscriber: A NEW LTE Program SIM Card will be provided via USPS to subscriber to insert into modem. Instructions will be provided, if additional support is needed please utilize our Contact Us form located on our website
  19. New Subscriber: Modem with NEW LTE Program SIM Card inserted into modem will be provided via UPS to subscriber. If additional support is needed please utilize our Contact Us form located on our website
  20. The best form of communication with SkyNet Broadband, Inc. is via our Contact Us form on our website